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Fabric, Thread, Needle, Table, Chair, 2023

Dimensions: Variable


I Pursue Life in My Dream


This ongoing quilt project began after the 'Women, Life, Freedom' movement in Iran. I've collected experiences from protesters during that movement, which I play to audiences in a room.

I ask the audience to think about times when they have felt injustice in their society or even consider injustice worldwide. Then I challenge them to think about what they might do to make small positive changes for a better future.

The room has colorful fabrics hanging from the ceiling, which I brought from Iran. These fabrics are from my sisters' tailor shop. I also have a piece of white fabric next to the table. I ask the audience to cut the white fabric and write or draw their thoughts and stories on it.

Next, they attach the colorful fabric as the first layer and the white fabric on top of it. These two layers are meant to symbolize two parts of life. The colorful layer represents the good times and happy memories, while the white layer symbolizes our struggles and injustices.

The idea is to physically represent how we all carry good and bad experiences with us. It's meant to make people think about their lives and the world and inspire them to work towards a more just and compassionate society.

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