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Leila is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist who moved to the US in 2021 to continue her studies with an MFA degree. Leila's work reflects her ongoing process of understanding and reconciling her relationship with her home country of Iran, especially while living abroad. She sees a clear connection between personal life and politics, especially in Iran, where political decisions can immediately affect daily life.


Leila views art as a tool that can reveal the nuanced complexities within seemingly black-and-white situations. By blurring lines and erasing borders, she aims to create a shared space where different perspectives can meet and coexist. She strives to depict life's harsh realities and reaches underlying beauty. She narrates stories about her past traumas, memories, and dreams as a woman raised in Iran and encourages her audience to recognize the human crises within their communities and ponder ways to facilitate positive change. Her approach is direct and unembellished, aiming to speak to the heart of the matter without unnecessary adornment.

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