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Metal sheets, two metal chairs, wooden table, photograph, recorded voices from protesters in Iran, 2022

Dimensions: Variable


Listen to my distant voice

I created this installation to respond to the women's life freedom movement in Iran. Drawing inspiration from the powerful imagery of protests spanning 40 years since the revolution, I aimed to capture the essence of these historical moments and bring them to life.

In the installation, I incorporated the real-time voices of brave protesters in Iran, allowing their words and emotions to resonate with the audience profoundly. By hearing their voices, viewers can connect with the struggles, hopes, and aspirations of those who have fought for their rights.

The installation's design is reminiscent of an interrogation room, deliberately crafted to evoke a sense of intensity and confrontation. I wanted to create an environment that would immerse the audience and provide a tangible experience of the atmosphere during these significant events.

Through this project, my goal is to encourage reflection and dialogue. Visitors can immerse themselves in the emotions and realities of the depicted moments by stepping into the installation. I hope to spark empathy, understanding, and awareness among viewers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the ongoing quest for equality and justice.

I aspire to create a ripple effect that contributes to positive societal changes with each person who engages with the installation. By shedding light on individuals' struggles in their fight for freedom, I believe we can collectively work towards making the world a better place.

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